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The Epsilon Church and Sunday School began as a missionary enterprise in May 1885. Three pioneer settlers went to Petoskey and secured the services of Rev. George Johnson, Minister for the Evangelical Church. Meetings were held in the little log schoolhouse on the site where the present Epsilon School stands.
The church was organized in the fall of 1885, with 29 charter members. Rev. Johnson was appointed its first pastor.
Rev. George Johnson
The first church building was built in the village of Epsilon during Rev. Warren Brown's ministry. It served as the only social and religious center for miles around. An annex was added to the back of the church in 1941 for Sunday School rooms. A fellowship house, started in 1949, was finished in 1954. The inside of the church and sanctuary was remodeled and redecorated. The church was rededicated and fellowship house dedicated in October 1954. An organ was purchased in 1954. A boxed in expansion was added in 1968.
The last service was held in this church, November 18, 1973, and it was torn down in December. The need for expanded facilities began in 1967.
A parcel of land for a parking lot for the facility was donated in 1967, about 1969 the Building Committee was enlarged and made permanent.
About June 1972, the services of an architect were engaged. A study was made in regard to expanding our old facilities. Plans to expand were set aside and it was voted by the congregation to build anew. Final architectual plans, and the programs of the building and finance committees were approved by the congregation on April 25, 1973. A twenty-four hour prayer vigil was held in April just before our financial drive and another eighteen-hour vigil was held to lower bids in May 1973. Groundbreaking was June 24, 1973.
The congregation moved into the beautiful unfinished facility on November 18, 1973. Our new church was formally dedicated September 1, 1974 by Dr. Donald Scranton, Superintendent.
The facility cost a little over $108,000.00. $50,000.00 was raised and the rest pledged, making our borrowing $57,000.00 with a $1,000.00 grant from conference.
The new church has a sanctuary 44' x 36' with beautiul gold padded pews for seating. Beautiful walnut beamed arches hold a cedar decked ceiling. Our lovely wooden cross built by Art Dunshee graces the front of the sanctuary. The educational fellowship section measures 48' x 56; with kitchen, storage room, restrooms, furnace room, nursery, and a study.
Core Beliefs
Church Reputation
3-Point Charge
  • Love & Compassion
  • Missions & Community Outreach
  • Worship & Communion
  •  Family, Stewardship & Discipleship
Here at Epsilon UMC we strive to serve our local community the best we can. We are continually changing and adapting to incorporate family friendly worship services and activities that are open to our whole community.
  • We are working on becoming a strong positive influence in our community for the 21st Century.
  • We are a rural community which includes families of varying socio-economic status. Emplyment varies from medical work and blue collar to seasonal work associated with the local tourism industry. Like other parts of Michigan, we are adapting to changes in the economy.
God has brought us together. We are excited to see where he is taking us this year:
  • Boyne City UMC

  • Boyne Falls UMC
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  • Epsilon UMC
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      With God, all things are possible.